Multi-paradigm programming meetup

On october 30th, 2017, Stephan Oudmaijer and Jarno Walgemoed talked during the “Mutli-paradigm programming”-meetup of the Spilberg IT development Café. Two topics were covered in this session, Kotlin and GraphQL.

The session was kicked off by Jarno with a short introduction to Kotlin immediately followed by a live coding session, in which some of the core features Kotlin has to offer were demonstrated to the crowd. After his session (and a short break), Stephan took over to show what GraphQL is, what problems it may solve for you and your tream and how to implement an application using GraphQL, Kotlin and Spring Boot.

Of course there was ample room for interaction with the crowd, with some deep discussion on the topics that were covered. We were very pleased with the turnout and the level of interaction with the attendees. We already have plans for a follow-up session, hosted at the main offices of, in which we will repeat our talk about Kotlin and extend the session with a 5-step workshop that will show attendees how to migrate an existing Java + Spring Boot application to Kotlin. Hopefully, this will give you some insights in what Kotlin can do for you and your applications.

View the original details on the meetup here: – Spilberg IT Development Café.


For anyone who attended or just wants to know what all of this was about, here are the links to the Github repositories containing the slides and example code.

Kotlin presentation and code | GraphQL presentation and code

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