Meetup at Java8 and Kotlin is planning another meetup covering Kotlin on Wednesday the 17th of February, with speakers from Blue4IT and

The evening will have two main topics, the first talk by Brian Vermeer will be about Java 8, the good the bad and the ugly. Sadly, there’s no abstract to post here, as soon as it turns up we’ll add it to the post.

The second talk by Silvan van Leeuwen and Alan van Dam will cover Kotlin.

“Kotlin versus Java at – In this talk we will take some ancient (java 1.4 style) code in java and show how java 1.8 helps us clean up that code to be more robust and readable. We will try to convince you that if Java is your weapon of choice, you need to hop on the hype train and start writing a bunch of streams. Next up we will take the java examples and contrast them to the new kid on the block. We will show that Kotlin gives us the same expressive power, but more readable and in less lines of code. We will show it to be less sensitive to embarrassing bugs and we will show you how you can seamlessly move from a Java codebase to a Hybrid to a Kotlin codebase.”

More details can be found here: Meetup – Java8 & Kotlin

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