Kotlin 1.3 Released

Four days ago, Kotlin version 1.3 was officially released to the general public. This release adds a lot of highly anticipated features, amongst which are:

  • Coroutines now stable: After being an experimental feature for quite some time, Jetbrains have now decided the time has come to mark coroutines as a stable feature. It is not integrated in the core language, but still an add-on that Kotliners can opt-in for.
  • Kotlin 1.3 introduces support for multiplatform tooling, which should make it easier to support multiple platforms. So other than just supporting JVM based platforms, using these tools makes it easier to also support Android, JavaScript and even native as target platforms. Support is available for HTTP, serialization and couroutines, to name a few.
  • Several minor features added to the language, compiler and/or tools and plug-ins, amongst which:
    • Experimental support for inline classes (for better performance
    • Experimental support for unsigned integers
    • When expressions now expose the subject so you won’t need to assign it to a variable yourself
    • Contracts added to improve static analysis of library calls
    • No-arg main method
    • Sequence debugger for visualizing lazy computations
    • Scratch, REPL and scripting improvements
    • Standard library expanded to Kotlin/Native and support for Kotlin/JS
    • Experimental incremental compilation for Kotlin/JS

More detailed info on the release is available on the Jetbrains website.

All in all a good release and a solid update that finally gives us the stable version of coroutines. We’ve already upgraded, you too?

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