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Kotlin 1.3 Released

Four days ago, Kotlin version 1.3 was officially released to the general public. This release adds a lot of highly anticipated features, amongst which are: Coroutines now stable: After being an experimental feature for quite some time, Jetbrains have now … Continue reading

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Compiler Hinting with Kotlin Contracts

Kotlin’s built-in null-safety makes it easy for us to write code that’s less error-prone and less susceptible to the unwanted and unexpected NullpointerException at runtime. We can do a lot to make sure it doesn’t happen, but sometimes there’s no way around … Continue reading

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Kotlin Release news: Kotlin 1.2.60, Kotlin 1.3 M1, Kotlin Native 0.8

Some good news coming from Jetbrains, who have been tirelessly working on expanding and improving Kotlin and the tools provided with it. In this post I’ll provide an overview of the latest news.

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Kotlin properties – from basic to lazy

Kotlin has many things going for it, with one of the main qualities being its built-in null-safety. This guarantees that properties will always have a non-null value at runtime, greatly reducing the risks of coding errors and NullpointerExceptions. In languages … Continue reading

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Kotlin Quick Tip: Annotation targets

If you — like me — are a sucker for reducing boilerplate and are using JSR-303 – Bean Validation (I use it as part of Spring Boot) then you may have noticed how it can help you reduce validation boilerplate … Continue reading

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