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KotlinConf 2018 – Amsterdam!

After the success of KotlinConf 2017 in San Francisco a follow-up was certainly not outside the realm of imagination. Jetbrains has found a venue that’s slightly better to reach for us Europeans, which is exciting news! KotlinConf 2018 will be … Continue reading

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Eindhoven Java User Group: Kotlin Meetup

If you are interested in setting your first steps in Kotlin and live south of the big rivers in The Netherlands, we’ve got good news: The Eindhoven Java User Group is organizing a Kotlin Meetup on January 30th 2018. Be … Continue reading

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Meetup at Java8 and Kotlin is planning another meetup covering Kotlin on Wednesday the 17th of February, with speakers from Blue4IT and The evening will have two main topics, the first talk by Brian Vermeer will be about Java 8, the good the … Continue reading

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Kotlin: DSL Development

As all of us who write Java on a daily basis have experienced, we tend to spend a considerable amount of time writing boilerplate code. We can sometimes refactor that boilerplate away by using specialized classes for certain activities, but … Continue reading

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Multi-paradigm programming meetup

On october 30th, 2017, Stephan Oudmaijer and Jarno Walgemoed talked during the “Mutli-paradigm programming”-meetup of the Spilberg IT development CafĂ©. Two topics were covered in this session, Kotlin and GraphQL. The session was kicked off by Jarno with a short … Continue reading

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